• MAMA Digest Tea
  • MAMA Digest Tea

MAMA Digest Tea


Tasty mix of beneficial organic plants with mint and green anise in particular. 90% of French origin. 

This very aromatic vegetable digestive in the mouth and slightly spicy with the presence of whole cardamom, is composed of peppermint, yarrow, green anise and fennel. This clever blend of tasty plants with digestive virtues, will help you overcome the hearty meals. 

Available in smoked glass jar (80g)  

Ingredients: Peppermint *, Yarrow *, green anise *, fennel *, whole cardamom *. - * from organic farming 

Quantity: 1 tablespoon

Temperature: 95 °

Time: 5-10mn  

*4 infusions possible with the same leaves given the aromatic quality of these.