• MAMA Detox Tea
  • MAMA Detox Tea
  • MAMA Detox Tea

MAMA Detox Tea


Beneficial organic herbal blend to help remove toxins from lemongrass, queen of the wolves, nettle and heather flowers. 

We have to improve this recipe, always 100% of biological origin, by integrating the queen of the near, plant detox and the slimming par excellence and with so tasty taste and flowers of heather known for their virtues depurative. The Great Nettle was kept in this news for its mild detoxifying power. 

Ideal with a detox treatment, this infusion developed with our herbalist, based on lemongrass, queen of the meadow, flowers of heather, large nettle and dotted with orange peel is a concentrate of depurative plants and diuretics for you help eliminate toxins. A very pleasant refreshing drink (with a smell and taste) to be enjoyed throughout the day to find the harmony of body and mind. 

Available in smoked glass jar (85g)