• Limited Edition MAMA Pure Tea
  • Limited Edition MAMA Pure Tea

Limited Edition MAMA Pure Tea


Colin X MAMA Pure

Collab with Coline, our favorite green blogger who has been following GreenMa since the start! Discover the limited edition MAMA PURE infusion specifically designed for and with Coline. 

An infusion good for the skin and gentle for the heart, based on organic medicinal plants and is 95% French. Nettle and its mild depurative and anti-inflammatory action, burdock that helps the liver to eliminate toxins, wild thought and its astringent action. And for the pleasure of apple pieces, strawberries and berries of blueberries that give a very sweet and slightly fruity flavor to this infusion. 

Recommendations: to be savored every day to give a little boost to your skin, wrapped in a warm plaid by reading a good book or in the morning while going to the office to take a little sweetness with you.

Available in smoked glass jar (75g). JAR IN LIMITED EDITION. 

Ingredients: Apples *, nettle *, wild pansy *, blueberry berries *, burdock roots *. * strawberries. 95% of origin France. - * from organic farming.

Quantity: 1 tablespoon

Temperature: 95 °

Time: 5-10min  

*4 infusions possible with the same leaves given the aromatic quality of these.