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Dream Candle


BOUGIE DREAM, a candle with vegetable wax naturally scented with essential oils of verbena, peppermint and star anise for a bubble of serenity.

GreenMa is expanding with home lifestyle creations that are always part of our approach combining ecology, design and quality to support you in a healthy way in your daily life. 


Conceived as an extension of our MAMA DREAM infusion, the DREAM candle is reminiscent of the intoxicating smell of this infusion thanks to its trio of organic essential oils of verbena, peppermint and star anise. Verbena, in the base note of this candle, known for its soothing properties combined with the freshness of peppermint, is enhanced with a touch of star anise for a slow moment. 

For the sake of quality, health and environmental protection, all our candles are naturally scented (0 synthetic perfume) based on essential oils of certified organic plants, which releases a subtle and pleasant fragrance. Finally, all our candles are made with 100% vegetable wax (0 paraffin) soy guaranteed GMO and pesticide free and with a lead-free cotton wick. 

Handmade by a master wax maker in France, this candle is presented in a smoked glass jar with minimalist packaging representing the plants present in the composition of candles. 

Ingredients: Non-GMO soy wax certified and pesticide free, essential oils of lavandin super and small grain bigarade *. from organic farming. - * from organic farming