• Well Being Gift Box
  • Well Being Gift Box
  • Well Being Gift Box

Well Being Gift Box



Designed in accordance with our eco-friendly values, this elegant and exclusive wooden discovery box has been custom-made for (you) discovering GreenMa organic plants. 

It includes 3 references GreenMa well-being: Cranberry-Goji green tea, infusion MAMA DETOX, to eliminate toxins, and finally the infusion MAMA DIGEST to help digestion after the hearty meals. 

This box conveys our green values ​​through several points: 

A French manufacture with a natural screen printed poplar wood (on the slide and on the side) the possibility of reusing this box as a decorative object, storage box, makeup box, pencil box ... the uses are many!

The plants are packaged in small jars of smoked glass to preserve their flavor and remain consistent with our identity.

A privileged French sourcing to reduce our environmental impact and support local agriculture: the infusion Mama Digest is 90% French.

Cranberry-Goji: Chinese Green Tea *, Chinese Jasmine Green Tea *, Lemongrass *, Ginger *, Green Mate *, Goji Berries *, Mallow Flowers *, Whole Cranberry Berries *, Everlasting Flowers *, natural flavor. * From organic farming. (20g) 

Mama Detox: Lemongrass *, queen of the meadows *, picking nettle *, heather flowers *, orange peel *. * From organic farming. (15g) 

Mama Digest: Peppermint, Achille Millefeuille *, green anise *, fennel *, whole cardamom *. 90% origin France. * From organic farming. (20g) 

Dimensions of the box: 8 cm (h) x 20.5 cm (W) x 8 cm (W)