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  • MAMA Dream Tea
  • MAMA Dream Tea

MAMA Dream Tea


Pleasant blend of organic plants based on verbena. 100% French plants! 

A timeless classic, this evening infusion combines whole leaves of fragrant Verbena with lemony notes and whole leaves of Peppermint, both of French origin and certified organic. Some organic licorice roots (also of French origin) dot this delicious and very tasty mixture for even more flavor. Its rich aromatic palette will help you accompany you in the arms of Morphée for a restful sleep. To be enjoyed in the evening before bedtime. 

Available in smoked glass jar (40g) 

Ingredients: Fragrant Verbena *, Peppermint *, licorice roots *. - * from organic farming

Quantity: 1 tablespoon

Temperature: 95 °

Time: 5-10min  

*4 infusions possible with the same leaves given the aromatic quality of these.