Secrets for Decorating Philosophy

What and who is in charge of your interior decorations decisions? It is time you came out confidently with a style that represents who you are.

There are two important issues to consider when coming up with a personal decorating philosophy – the need to express yourself and adapting to change. 

Expressing inner feelings implies, for example, that making bold decisions to change the arrangement of furniture in your house will make you happy if this is what you desire.

Embracing change is acknowledging that the furniture that was in vogue some years ago is now old-fashioned and uncomfortable and should be replaced with something more stylish and contemporary.

It’s time to let your space tell your story. Pandering to the wishes of others takes away the privilege and pride of being the master or mistress of your home décor.


Away with the old – create space for the new

Start by getting rid of old stuff that you no longer need. Clothes or shoes you don’t wear because they don’t fit, are no longer fashionable, or are simply cluttering the space, should not be in your closets. Sell such stuff or do a good deed and donate to those in need.

Getting rid of clutter creates room for more fashionable and valuable materials. Learn to value the opportunity to create more beauty and comfort above emotional attachment to items that no longer serve a purpose or make you happy.

Finding the Balance for your Décor

Many interior decorators and home owners are known for their sense of geometrical perfection. What is the point of that piece of memento staking a claim in a perfectly dissimilar background?

You have immaculate white walls? Don’t fear to have splashes of vibrant colours to add some excitement through colour contrast. This gives you the power to tell your own story. After all, why is it we find a rainbow so attractive yet it has a multitude of colours?

Are you a religious person? If so why not convey your faith through your decorative choices? If you love nature and animals? Why shy away from expressing your love for mans best friend because you want to remain within the safety walls of societal acceptance?

Let your home tell your guests all about you

Your home décor should not be an apology or peace offering to critics. This personal space is your palace. It is the only place where your thoughts and ideas reign supreme. It has to reflect the truest version of you. From the choice of furniture to the fittings and decorations in each room - be brave and let people see the real you, allow people understand you.

Close your ears to those who say that modern homes do not allow this and shed negativity on your creative ideas. Your home décor is all about you and this is what your interior philosophy should prevail.

If Art is something you love - fill your walls and favourite spaces with your chosen collections. Let people know if you are an art fanatic; let your home compliment and mirror your personality. If your art tastes are diverse or bold try to dedicate a singular wall to the art, make a bold statement something that tells a story all by itself. You may even want to mix your art or arrange gallery pieces according to your own style. Create a space that inspires others to appreciate your creative being. That’s your philosophy of decoration.


Embrace your philosophy

Whatever your philosophy may be make sure you have fun in your space. Your home should be the one place you feel happiest and most comfortable. It should bring you joyful memories – Your home is a monument of all the places you have visited, people you have met and be the heart housing all your emotions good or bad.

Not everyone who visits your home will appreciate every detail or piece of furniture, even if it is an odd antique chair inherited from you great grandma! But it is important to understand that that is ok, the opinions of others can be heard but never adhere to these opinions. This is all about you, your personality, your desires and your interior philosophy.

Allow your senses and emotions to be the only drive of change. If that gorgeous artwork on the wall no longer serves a fun or positive purpose… take it down. Making that necessary change will always improve you mood and insight, it is important to feel happy in your home.

In essence, you have to define your home décor philosophy, and at the heart of it should be genuine self-expression and fun, irrespective of what any one else thinks. Your home should reflect the soul and personality of the most important person... that person is YOU.

With Love,


Anna Grace-Davidson