Replicate The Soho House Look At Home

Have you ever noticed the interiors of the Soho House? If you have, then I can bet that you love the look of their interiors. Their signature look presents an excellent blend of rustic country charm and modern city decadence which looks absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve never seen their interiors, you should drop by them, and you’ll return with lots of inspiration.

Many people want to replicate this look in their homes, and you’re probably in the same boat as well. Thankfully, this is now possible with Soho House releasing their luxe collection of interiors branded as Soho Home. The décor elements showcased in their collection are either inspired by or used in Soho Houses all over the world.

Today, I will list some of my favourite pieces from the Soho Home collection. Take a look at them and consider which ones you want to use at home. And by doing so, you’ll make your home everybody’s envy!

Betsy Armchair

I absolutely adore the Betsy Armchair – it offers a quirky twist on traditional English heritage, and it looks incredibly majestic. This armchair can be paired both with modern as well as classic décor, and it will look amazing. The Betsy Armchair is very cosy and comfortable as well, making it the perfect choice for your living room.

Carved Wood Bed

The Carved Wood Bed is one of the most elegant pieces in the Soho Home collection. It is highly reminiscent of traditional style, but it will do very well to complement modern interiors as well. What I really love about this bed is its fantastic curved design. And, the classic timber look of this bed is something that will never go out of style.

Cinema Armchair

If you’re willing to splurge on decorating your space, then you should definitely consider the Cinema Armchair. It is a stunning piece of furniture which offers a royal look thanks to its green velvet upholstery. This armchair exudes luxury and style, and it will completely transform your living room.

Perry Table Lamp

While there are many fancy table lamps available on the market, you’ll never find anything as gorgeous as the Perry Table Lamp. It features an innovative curved design which makes it look both charming and stylish. The brushed brass finish adds a touch of English tradition to this lamp. Go ahead and add it to your study table – you won’t regret it!

Belgravia Round Coffee Table 

If you were to choose only one item from the Soho Home collection, I recommend you to consider the Belgravia Round Coffee Table. It is a highly sophisticated coffee table which offers a contemporary twist on classic English design. The brushed brass finish and the rounded look of this coffee table make it look very visually appealing and attractive. Make sure to add this amazing piece to your living room!

Swinbrook Desk

If you love to spend time reading or studying, then you must get the Swinbrook Desk. It is an amazing desk which includes two drawers and offers plenty of space for you to work on. This desk comes with a simple vintage design in soft white, and it will complement classic décor perfectly.

Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield Sofa makes for an excellent addition to your living room. This three-seater sofa comes in an elegant flax linen finish, and it will add a touch of luxury and opulence to your space. This sofa presents the perfect blend of classic design and contemporary style, making it perfect for any space. While on the higher end of the price spectrum, the Chesterfield Sofa is definitely a worthy addition to your home.

Grove Jute Rug

The Grove Jute Rug may be a small item in the vast collection of Soho Homes, but it is certainly a worthy one. It features a simple and refined design and sports a natural jute finish. Throw this rug in any room of your home, and it will immediately look in place!

Forsyth Chandelier Pendant

When it comes to a fancy chandelier, you won’t find anything better than the Forsyth Chandelier Pendant. It is a stunning round chandelier which comes in a classic design with a touch of quirkiness. This chandelier is perfect for pairing with classic home décor and furnishings.

There you go – these are some of my favourite pieces from the Soho Home collection. Apart from these, you’ll find a lot of other items from their collection ranging from cushions to glassware and statement pieces. Whether you choose to add a few or all of these elements to your home, you’ll definitely make your home stylish and eclectic.

Which of these items is your favourite? Or do you know of any other stunning pieces from Soho Homes which I may not have included in my post? Do leave me your thoughts and comments in the section below and I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!