Are you struggling to make your living room more functional? If you are, then its probably because your living room is designed in a formal manner. While formal living rooms are great to look at, they are not exactly the best in terms of functionality. Today’s living spaces need to be multi-functional, and you should be able to lounge, entertain, work or dine in your space.

But how exactly can you create a multi-functional space which is comfortable and inviting and doesn’t look out of place? Well, it is actually quite easy – all you need to do is follow some simple tips, and you’ll be done!

So, continue reading this post to discover some easy tips on how you can make your living room more liveable. These tips are incredibly easy to follow, so make sure to follow them all!

Mix and match your furniture

When it comes to living room furniture, most people think of matching everything together. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, this can make space look excessively formal. Instead of matching everything together, you should consider mixing up your furniture. Consider your space and your needs, and you’ll know just what to look for.

For instance, if you are trying to create a lounge area then an L-shaped sofa is a great option. Alternatively, if you’re looking to create a simple seating area, go with a traditional sofa. Everything really boils down to your needs, so experiment a little and have fun!


Keep seat heights consistent

In my experience, I’ve noticed that many people include furniture with different seating heights in their living rooms. While this can be used as an artistic statement, it really does not help make your space functional. Every interior designer and home decorator will always advise you on keeping seat heights consistent in your space.

Take a look at your living room and consider your chairs, sofas and even your coffee table. If you find that low seats are being paired with high seats, then you should swap out some furniture to achieve consistency.


Section your space

Most people like to keep their living rooms open. This offers an attractive look and also gives off the impression that your space is larger than it actually is. However, to make your space functional, you should consider creating sections in your living room.

Thankfully, creating sections in your living room is incredibly easy. Arranging your rugs and positioning your seating in a particular direction will allow you to create a great lounge. And, if you want a dining space, simply add a chandelier above the table to section it off.


Brighten your space

If there’s one common problem with most formal living rooms, it is that many of them are not brightly lit. This can make even the best of spaces look dull and uninviting. To avoid this, try including as much light in your space as possible. The more the light, the more inviting your space will be.

I recommend you to add at least three different sources of light in your space. The first layer of light should be a recessed layer from lamps, followed by a decorative layer from a chandelier. And, the third source of light should be natural light. You can also go further and add more layers of task lights or scone lights as well. You can also add decorative elements for every layer of light to create a truly unique look.


Consider storage

Most people don’t think of storage when it comes to living rooms. However, this can be a big mistake. There are a number of things ranging from card decks to coffee table books and bar spirits which find a place in living rooms. If you don’t consider storage and keep things haphazardly, you’ll make your space look unnecessarily cluttered.

My tip for you is to include only those items that you actually use in sight. Place everything else in drawers or shelves, and you’ll automatically make your place look neater and tidier. This will also promote ease of use and will make your space much more functional.

Find the right balance

Decorating a living room ultimately comes down to finding the right balance. Sure, you need to make your space functional, but this does not mean you should ignore décor and design. Take a good look at your living room and find its unique details. Think of decorating around these details to make your room lively as well as functional.


So, there you have it – these are my simple tips that’ll help you make your living room more liveable. Do follow them all and you’ll transform your formal living space into a dynamic and multi-functional one.

Have you already made use of any of these tips without knowing it? Or do you know of any other tips that can make living rooms more functional? Do leave me your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!