How To Style Vintage Pieces For Your Tabletop

I must confess – I’m a hopeless romantic for vintage inspired things. When it comes to fashion, style or even home décor, I find myself gravitating towards items with a vintage touch. Even when I create my own décor products or fashion accessories, I always tend to include vintage elements.

However, I was not really aware of this until I was repeatedly urged by friends and family to create vintage pieces for tabletops. Many people told me that I had a fantastic eye for vintage style and this inspired me to look deeper. And, soon I found it to be true – I probably love vintage style as much as I love style in general!

Today, I thought that I would take this opportunity to tell you how you can style vintage pieces for your tabletop. The tips and advice you’ll find in this post have been personally tried and tested by me, so you can count on them to work. Now, listen up!

Abstract Dishes

Most modern tabletops are designed in dark colors and sober tones. However, if you look at any vintage tabletops, you’ll find them to have lots of whites complemented with cheerful tones. So, how can you give a modern tabletop a vintage look? The answer is by choosing your dishes wisely.

Abstract dishes, gold flatware and simple white dinnerware all go a long way in creating a classic look. They also do well to complement most types of glassware, both traditional and contemporary. This is probably the easiest and simplest way of lending a timeless touch to any tabletop.


Candlesticks are synonymous to every vintage tabletop. If you’ve never realized this before then here you are. By simply adding candlesticks, you can transform just about any tabletop into a vintage inspired one.

To create a classic effect, choose candlesticks that complement the color of your tablecloth, dishes and glassware. While white is generally a safe choice, you can also go with blues and greens. Both green and blue are natural tones which have been used extensively in the past. Another option you can consider is gold plated candlesticks. Not only do these look gorgeous, but they’ll also add a touch of vintage luxury to your tabletop.

Flowers and Plants

If you’ve ever noticed it, older tabletops would almost always include a plant. It is true that people have always valued greenery and this can be seen in countless pictures of classic tabletops. However, creating the same effect can be tricky in a modern situation. Adding plants and flowers to a tabletop may not always create the desired effect.

But, there’s a way around this. Instead of cluttering up your tabletop with greenery, consider hanging plants. Personally, I’ve found that hanging a houseplant above the center of a table can create a majestic effect. This way, the plant does not pull attention away from the tabletop, but rather adds a touch of elegance and vintage charm to it.

Alternatively, you can always add a vase with beaded flowers and place it on your tabletop. Beaded flowers are available in all shapes, sizes and colors, so you have many options on hand. Just make sure not to go overboard with them. Keep things simple and minimalistic to create a classic, timeless look.

Creating a Focal Point

It isn’t always possible to find the right elements for a décor project. In such cases, expert decorators such as myself create a focal point. This focal point draws all the attention of onlookers and makes them believe that something is well decorated.

This technique can come in very handy when styling vintage pieces for a tabletop. If you aren’t very happy with the vintage pieces that you have, simply pick the best ones from them. Now, use these best vintage elements to create a focal point on your table. Keep the rest of the table neat and uncluttered, while keeping the focal point at the center. Onlookers will only notice the focal point, forgetting all about the rest of the tabletop. Even if you have only one or two vintage elements on hand, it will be more than enough to create the desired effect.

So, these are some of my expert tips and tricks to selecting vintage pieces for your tabletop. Do keep one thing in mind though – décor should never look forced. If you find that any of these ideas look forced on your tabletop, you should probably do away with them.

Do you have any vintage design ideas of your own? Have you ever used an unconventional method to design a vintage piece? Do let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be waiting to hear from you!