Beautiful and Meaningful Wall Decor

Who doesn’t love wall décor? Wall décor breathes new life into a room and can transform lifeless walls into something exciting and visually appealing. Moreover, there are plenty of design ideas available that can help you create stunning wall décor.

But the real question is how to create beautiful and meaningful wall décor. Sure, anyone can rush to IKEA or their favourite online store to purchase the latest décor items. But will these products really make your wall décor beautiful and meaningful? More often than not, they won’t.

So, how exactly do you find décor that makes your walls look beautiful and meaningful? The answer is by looking in the right places and fortunately, you’ve landed on the right page! As someone who has spent years in home décor and fashion, I will help you find the best wall décor for your home.

Before we jump into how you can make your wall décor beautiful and meaningful, let’s take a look at Mapiful. After that, I’ll explain how you can use Mapiful’s idea to create splendid wall décor of your own. Now, listen up!


If you haven’t heard of Mapiful, then you sure have missed out on something big in the design world! Mapiful is a Swedish startup which has revolutionized interior design. Mapiful allows users to create custom map posters of their favourite city or place in elegant black and white designs. And, this is what Mapiful is really about – their beautiful, sophisticated and minimalist black and white designs.

By using Mapiful, you can custom create your very own poster featuring a place which is special to your heart. And, you can trust the results to be fantastic. The design team behind Mapiful has made sure that their minimalist designs work in all settings. Whether you have traditional or contemporary décor, Mapiful posters will certainly add beauty and meaning to your walls.

Using the Mapiful Idea

Thanks to Mapiful, designers and decorators all over the world are exploring minimalist wall décor. Even if you don’t want a poster of your favourite place, you can always use Mapiful’s ideas for your wall décor.

To recreate the magic that Mapiful has created, use sober tones for your wall décor, preferably in black and white. Black and white are neutral colors which draw only the right amount of attention. They do not look overwhelming or underwhelming and they complement the entire color palette. What’s more is that proper use of black and white can also alter the visual perception of space?

Let me give you an example. If you have a small room which seems overly cluttered, a minimalist poster or wall hanging will immediately draw attention away from the clutter. Alternatively, in a large space, minimalist wall décor will stand out from the rest of the area, making the space look like it has been designed that way. White does well to open up a space visually while black does the exact opposite. By using these colors wisely, you can create whatever effect you please!

I understand that not everyone appreciates the use of black and white colors. If you’re one such person, don’t worry – you can always use muted shades to create a similar effect. Just bear in mind that no other colors offer the same sobriety or look as sophisticated as black and white do.

Creating Beauty and Meaning

Wall décor comes in all forms, ranging from shelves and hangings to screens and dividers and pictures and posters. Now, whatever type of wall décor you choose, you can create beauty and meaning with it by being creative.

To give your wall décor meaning, you should choose décor items that hold some significance in your life. For instance, you can choose family portraits or photographs as wall décor. When you put up items of significance onto your walls, you as well as your guests will automatically get drawn to them.

And, to make your wall décor beautiful, you can simply follow the footsteps of Mapiful. Whatever you choose, keep things subdued, simple and minimalistic. Trust me – you will definitely be more than thrilled with the results.

Personally, I have already made good use of Mapiful in my home. I’ve had many guests and friends compliment me on just how beautiful and meaningful my wall décor is. Even if you don’t take the Mapiful route, you can create the same effect simply by following the tips that I have mentioned above.

Do you have any fancy ideas of your own for creating beautiful and meaningful wall décor? Have you tried Mapiful or any other service that has allowed you to create stunning wall décor? Do let me know in the comments below and I’ll be looking forward to them!