8 Bedroom Essentials

You may not realise it, but your bedroom has a tremendous impact on your life. The little things that you keep in your bedroom can have a significant effect on how well and how much you sleep. And, in turn, your quality of sleep determines your energy levels and mood on the next day.

Now, the most successful people in the world all keep certain essentials in their bedroom to help them sleep better. While some people keep their bedrooms lightly scented, others keep refreshments by their bedside. These items may sound somewhat trivial, but they do offer better sleep and prepare you better for the next day.

Today, we’ll take a look at 8 bedroom essentials that successful people all over the world keep in their bedrooms. Adopt these essentials, and you’ll see a significant difference in your sleep quality, mood and energy levels.

1. Lights

Your bedroom lights can have a huge impact on your sleep quality. Depending on whether you’re a light or a heavy sleeper, your bedroom lights should ensure that you get sound sleep.

Expert interior designers and decorators suggest that you should keep dimmable lights in your bedroom. Also, your switches should be located right by your bedside so you can easily turn the lights up or down.

2. Clock

Sure, most people keep a clock in their bedrooms. However, LED clocks are always visible even in the dark, which makes them somewhat of an annoyance. On the other hand, you’ll need to turn on the lights to check the time with a traditional clock.

Fortunately, Gingko clocks offer the perfect solution to this issue. These clocks do not display the time unless you signal for it by tapping or making a sound. Gingko clocks even have an alarm, making them perfect for use in bedrooms.

3. Scent

Like I mentioned earlier, many people lightly scent their bedrooms to enhance their sleep. Natural aromatic scents have many relaxing and soothing effects. By including such natural scents in your bedroom, you can dramatically improve your sleep quality.

Personally, I use the Upper House scent, the Amangiri scent and a white wood candle in my bedrooms. Not only do these natural scents smell heavenly, but they also promote complete relaxation.

4. The Bed

The bed is the single most important item in your bedroom – after all, its where you sleep on. For your bed, you should consider using soft, clean linen which not only looks inviting but also feels comfortable. You should also keep two pillows handy – one hard and one soft to choose from. As for your mattress, it depends on whether you want a soft or a hard top. And, keep a soft-to-the-skin throw to snuggle under cosily.

5. Curtains

Again, you probably think that curtains are present in every bedroom. But, the point here is that curtains must be effective in blocking out both light and sound from outside your room.

As such, your curtains should be made of a heavy material that can properly shield your space. My choice of material is velvet, and you won’t go wrong in choosing it either.

6. Technology

There’s no doubt that technology has completely invaded our lives and made its way into our bedrooms as well. Most people will have a TV, their cell phones and several gadgets in their bedrooms. However, experts recommend keeping technology out of the bedroom as it can impact our sleep quality.

Sure, you may not be able to do without your cell phone in your bedroom. But keep it away from your bed so that you don’t unnecessarily fiddle with it before sleeping.

7. Water Jug

Keeping a water jug by your bedside is an absolute must. Even if you’re a heavy sleeper, there may be a night where you wake up and need a quick refreshment. Without a water jug by your bedside, you’ll unnecessarily need to make a trip to the kitchen. Nobody wants to do that in the middle of sleep.

So, get yourself a water jug today and leave it by your bedside. You’ll find plenty of attractive water jugs in the market that complement your bedroom style and décor.

8. Shut Eye

A shut eye is a boon for light sleepers like me. It allows me to shut out the light when sleeping completely and ensures that I get better sleep. And, I take my shut eye wherever I go – I find it to be so useful.

If you don’t own a shut eye, you should get one immediately. I recommend you to go for the silk based shut eyes. They’re incredibly soft to the touch, they’re light, and they’re effective in promoting better sleep.

Do you make use of any of these bedroom essentials already? Or do you use any other essentials to help you with your sleep? Do leave me your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll be looking forward to reading them!