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  • Fantastic Decor Ideas For Large, Empty Walls

    The thought of having a large, empty wall without any windows does not fit well with interior decorators. No decorator will suggest that you keep such a wall in your home. However, there is an upside to having such a wall – it makes for the perfect decorating canvas. You can get creative when it... View Post
  • 2017 Biggest Decor Trends

    I’ve always had people tell me that following trends can be tricky, especially when it comes to home décor. Indeed, a home is designed to last for decades and not months. Home décor trends usually last for only a few months at a time. Following the latest trends will mean that you may need to upd... View Post
  • 8 Bedroom Essentials

    You may not realise it, but your bedroom has a tremendous impact on your life. The little things that you keep in your bedroom can have a significant effect on how well and how much you sleep. And, in turn, your quality of sleep determines your energy levels and mood on the next day. Now, the mos... View Post